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4/ 5 stars - "Developeo" Developeo Platform We introduce to you a platform that is most in need right for the needs of the current IE platform named Developeo Platf...


Developeo Platform
We introduce to you a platform that is most in need right for the needs of the current IE platform named Developeo Platform. This platform in more detail again for developers and investors, of course. At the time of the industrial revolution to the 4, Developeo the Platform attempted to resolve the issue with the maximum.

Decentralized Democratic Voting System
So when one member of the Developeo, once doing contributions on github project and then in the future on DevGit, then project managers accept or reject contributions. In part it was decentralized in the kick, later if as a member of the community and the project manager can give the right vote on code in the submit right. Then the voting process funded by the method or the same way into reddit. Then here there are 3 Developeo Voting Guidelines outline three main factors to be considered for the ballot the first course, code quality then that both the importance of the contribution of the project to the third or later the last community value (it has developers contribute to the project before and notes). In a voting system that is highly decentralized once lets on a purpose, community based approach to distribute gifts. Then the ballot was carried out during a period that is already in the set within 1 month after the gifts of DEVX token distributed to members who are entitled to and deserve. But while the voice project manager twice its weight, voting was basically in a move by the community, as each Member or project managers have a single voice that they have and the appropriate gift can spend on Developeo platform or exchanged for any platform list DEVX token. 

How does Developeo? 
Developeo platform will later open source community by way of a simple login using their account on Github. Then a decentralized platform will be driven by software developer then the project managers himself who would later supervise software development and have greater influence to evaluate an the quality of code is committed.

DEVX Additionally Developeo Token will operationalize using ERC20 original sign, which no doubt will use the symbol with the DEVX. In general the token would be the sign of a utility, which his later very meaningful and has objectives that are much deeper than the speculation on the stock exchange. DEVX Token will have some applications on the platform Developeo, including:
● return for committed code in open source projects/platform
● As the currency in the market Developeo
● Registration of bootcamps, certification programs and the University, as payment with DEVX token will really lead to discount signifikanharga.
With proper token in DEVX is an integral part of operations and user experience in a Developeo platform, then the request token will naturally increases in proportion to the growth of the user base of Developeo. Therefore, unlike most of the blockchain project, request token will be driven by actual case utilities rather than speculative purposes

Developeo is a startup and blockchain platform that has a purpose to revolutionize an ecosystem of open source-based system by introducing a token of appreciation. Then depending on the amount and quality of the code that an engineer has contributed, Developeo will give rewards to contributors with a token that can be converted directly to currency exchange crypto or the other.  His later contributions to the code will be on the review by the project manager of the community and the public, before the awards distributed to developers of the wallet. 

for imformation :

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