Saturday, June 23, 2018

MILC – Welt der Wunder ICO

We give you a platform called MILC. Maybe from you there is not yet know about what is MILC. We will explain what is MILC. So what is MILC, so Welt der Wunder TV creates licenses, trades and platforms that are used for content blocks that are well-equipped and new for high-quality video content content, for the international or international broadcasting sector, VOD, and involving online video. As we have seen today, that is, the content of information communications that exist between and broadcasting in different situations, may be supported by licensing in terms of usage and content.

However, there are also some problems, and it is necessary to take precautions, namely to remember the fact that the license must be focused on the international or world level. Our platform called Welt der Wunder is very willing to create or build new licenses implemented by blockchain technology. It should be a high-tech and qualitative platform for trade, global broadcasting and online publishing. Later It will be an incredible platform with fantastic capabilities for further development into a good and superior product for the international licensing market. Eventually all the content holders will have an opportunity to place their content in the international market, and later to more easily have access for customers and other concerned parties. Manufacturers, content holders and other clients are active participants in the form of such operations. If you still do not know the token name I will explain here, this token has the name of MILC or (Micro Licensing Coin) and of course the name represents the fundamental core of the platform , indicating cooperation among other sectors of the market specialized in licensing trades.


The advantages of blockchain MILC
For content providers the content providers will receive an overview of the overall market of potential customers, globally and more.
For content buyers today is not possible once for a professional media platform
(TV, VOD online publisher) to get an overview of the video media content market.


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